This might be unrelated to this particular article but it’s all up in your niche so I thought I’d mention it. When I got out of a horrible relationship, that had almost superimposed my already anxious-avoidant attachment pattern, I consciously manifested myself into being more secure.

I did all the things that a secure person would do though at that point I had no idea of attachment patterns. This was like around 4 years back at least. This was the vibe I sent to my next partner when we met. He wasn’t naturally secure but he was immensely relaxed and trusting of me always because I was able to act in a secure way always.

I guess manifestation is less about the magical imagination and visualisation stuff and more about recalibrating and micro-habit setting towards our desired life. Like just training our subconscious mind into jumping at opportunities that might take us to our dream life. If we take absolutely no action, it’s not manifestation, it’s just being lazy and hoping your life gets handed to you on a silver platter.

Anyway, loved your talk with Günel and also Kamal on YouTube. We write on similar niches and I just discovered you. Your success gives me hopes of “manifesting” mine🙈

Student physician. Storyteller. Artist. Unraveling the inner workings of personal development,relationships & wellness. Join me in my pursuit for answers!

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