Somehow people fail to see that just because a term is archaic or default doesn’t make it the right one.

Language plays a very important role in shaping our ideas and feelings: if we consistently reject the female version of a professional title just because we have been conditioned to treat it as less then we must at least make effort to rid of the male version too. I don’t mind “actor” as opposed to “actress”. But I do prefer “firefighter” as compared to fireman and firewoman. Like “Physician” for example. Maybe we don’t need to assign terms that identify the gender of the professional.

Not to mention, what about those who don’t prefer to be assigned to these genders? Not just due to personal preference but many individuals are also neither male or female at birth.

This may be a step in the direction of never anticipating whether you’re going to meet a man or a woman once you’ve called someone for an interview after going through a very impressive resume. This will of course take aggressive psychological schooling and might be years before we see it happen.

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