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Student physician. Storyteller. Artist. Unraveling the inner workings of personal development,relationships & wellness. Join me in my pursuit for answers!

For when nothing is wrong but nothing feels right anymore.

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Yesterday’s indestructible is today’s indistractable.

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Here’s what’s killing your connection and how you can save it.

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To get your life back on track, anti-goals will serve as guardrails.

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One small habit could change your savings game for good.

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#3 Superman was an alien, and everyone loved him.

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5 questions from psychology to help you break the unhappiness cycle.

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“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

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Even second-hand wisdom could take years off your “struggle period”.

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Research says you must escape from this quicksand if you want to be happier.

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Aamna I. Rizvi

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