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Student physician. Storyteller. Artist. Unraveling the inner workings of personal development,relationships & wellness. Join me in my pursuit for answers!
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It was the Summer of 2015 when I sat across my best friend Sana as she spoke about the love of her life.

There was a glint in her eye, the warm air that touched her skin lit up like a halo, and I could tell from her voice that…

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The superpowers of our time are pretty underwhelming.

Which is really saying a lot when our villains are the same as those from 2500 years ago when Plato first described “Akrasia”.

While Akrasia means to do something against your better judgement, such as procrastinating or failing to exercise self-control when…

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In freshman year of college, I was best friends with a guy whose superpower was that he could make friends with anyone.

This depended heavily on his capacity to start conversations and sustain the other party’s interest, no matter who they were. He wasn’t the smartest kid in the room…

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Most of us when asked about our future goals have an endless list we could read from for days.

Why is it then that greatness is touched by only a select few? What makes the top 8% succeed while 92% of us can’t even achieve our New Year’s resolutions?


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18th October 2020 was the first time I saw someone come back from the dead.

The ECG had flat-lined. The woman’s chest was no longer heaving since we stopped the air. …

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2018 was a very ridiculous year for me.

Like most of us — I was an overworked, underpaid Freelance writer who had her hands in too many pots. …

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Consider yourself, with zero credit card debt or college loans — pulling three times your weight at work yet not knowing the reason you’re unable to invest money. Nor able to identify the leaks that are causing all your hard-earned money to go down the drain.

This isn’t just a…

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At the preliminary stages of human existence, inclusivity was the key to survival. But now that we no longer fear being mauled by bears when walking alone in public — inclusivity has become a privilege. However, like most super-organisms, humans are still wired to thrive in communities. …

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Last month I went to the beach with my friend Rayyan who is an Economics Major. We were talking about how some couples have chemistry even after decades of togetherness, while others seem like they have zero conversations when they’re left alone by themselves.

He said something in that discussion…

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I have hero-worshiped Tesla all my life. In fact, he was the Justin Timberlake to my nerdy teenaged-girl and I’m still not ashamed of it.

Nikola Tesla was really a Serbian-American engineer, inventor and futurist whose name mostly comes up with respect to his contributions in the modern electric supply…

Aamna I. Rizvi

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